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Titanium Sealant Spray

Angelwax Ti-22 is a spray-based sealant designed to be applied after polishing to create a durable seal on which a wax coating can be applied after. The key component, Titanium, has a low density and has excellent resistance to acid and corrosion. This makes Ti-22, a simple but brilliant formulation, the perfect way to protect your paintwork from all possible smudges.

Available & ready to use in a 250ml bottle complete with a trigger spray.

Directions For Use

1. For best results, wash, rinse and dry the vehicle thoroughly.

2. After polishing the vehicle, apply Angelwax Ti-22 to cool bodywork using a clean & dry microfibre cloth. 

3. Angelwax Ti-22 is a ‘spray on’ & ‘wipe off’ formulation. It should be removed straight after application. 

Top Tip: After sealing the paint surface with Angelwax Ti-22, apply a coat of wax from the Angelwax detailing range for increased protection and an outstanding finish. Angelwax Ti-22 can also be used after waxing as well.

    Regular price $45.50
    Type: Exterior