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Sub-lime QED
Sub-lime QED Sub-lime QED Sub-lime QED Sub-lime QED
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Sub-lime QED

Product Details

Superior Automotive Sub-Lime QED

To mark the 10th Anniversary of Angelwax we have launched our second limited edition product, SUB-LIME QED.
SUB-LIME is a bright green quick detailing spray with a gorgeous peppermint & lime fragrance and each bottle is individually numbered making this a true collectors item.  This unique formulation, made with an increased amount secret sauce to give it added gloss has never been used before until now, we were saving this one for something special and no better occasion than our 10th birthday.
If you wish to use SUB-LIME QED on your pride and joy you won’t be disappointed, this is a truly wonderful formulation but be quick because they won’t be around forever!

Directions for Use

1. Thoroughly wash and rinse the vehicle, then spray The Sub-Lime QED onto dry paint surface.

2. Apply to one surface at a time using a clean, dry microfibre cloth. Buff to a deep gloss finish using a microfibre buffing towel.

Top Tip: For best results, pre wash the vehicle with Angelwax Cleanliness and Angelwax Fast Foam and then wash the vehicle with a shampoo from the Angelwax Detailing range.


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    Type: Exterior