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Bug & Insect Remover, Serve Cold!

Angelwax REVENGE is a detailing product designed to safely and effectively remove stubborn insect residue from all exterior surfaces of your vehicle. Includes chrome, paint and glass surfaces.

REVENGE is completely wax-free, water-based and free of any harmful solvents. With a simple spray-on and rinse-off method, this citrus-odored formulation is a great solution to your bugs problem.

Available & ready to use in a 500ml bottle complete with a trigger spray.

Directions For Use

1. Spray Angelwax REVENGE generously onto the affected area and allow it to work on the vehicle's surface.

2. After 3-4 minutes, rinse the treated surface with a pressure washer or a hose pipe.

TOP TIP: For heavily affected areas, agitate the treated surface with a microfibre wash mitt or similar soft cloth before rinsing.

CAUTION: Do not allow Angelwax REVENGE to dry out on the vehicle's surface!

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    Type: Exterior