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Concentrated Orange Prewash

Angelwax CLEANLINESS is a powerful citrus-odored pre-wash. It is specifically formulated to remove bugs, road grime, bird lime and other general contamination on a vehicle's paintwork.

CLEANLINESS is a high-foaming, solvent-free and completely wax/sealant free. Can be used via a foam lance or pressure pump sprayer.

Available in 1000ml bottles.

Directions for Use

1. Add the required amount of Angelwax CLEANLINESS & water to the bottle on your foaming lance or pressure washer.

2. Spray the vehicle completely covering all surfaces.

3. Allow to dwell for a few minutes before rinsing.

4. Wash the vehicle thoroughly with Angelwax FASTFOAM or Angelwax SHAMPOO before rinsing.

Dilution Ratios: For heavily soiled vehicles dilute 1:1 For lightly soiled vehicles and regular washing Angelwax CLEANLINESS can be diluted up to 5:1.

Top Tip: Finish the wash with Angelwax BLUE RINSE to ensure a glossy streak free finish.

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    Type: Exterior