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Atomic Shampoo
Atomic Shampoo Atomic Shampoo
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Atomic Shampoo

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Atomic Shampoo

ATOMIC SHAMPOO from Angelwax is a state-of-the-art graphene shampoo that has been formulated to prevent marring and scratches whilst washing your vehicle. The lubricity created when adding graphene to this shampoo formulation allows the wash mitt to glide effortlessly across the surface of the vehicle thus, preventing any damage to the surface of the paint. ATOMIC SHAMPOO has been formulated for the protection of the Angelwax NEBULA graphene ceramic coating

Available & ready to use in a 500ml bottle.

Directions for Use

1.Shake bottle well before use and add 2 capful of the shampoo to half a bucket of tepid water. 

2. Using a hosepipe or pressure washer, agitate the water while continuing to fill the bucket to create a lush, rich foam.

TOP TIP: After thoroughly cleaning the vehicle with ATOMIC SHAMPOO, treat the car with a layer of ATOMIC QED, graphene infused detailer to paint surface for additional protection.

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    Type: Exterior